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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changes. Make me CONFUSE!!!

It's been two years since I logged in and when I did today.... Changes!!! Like seriously. No notification or anything to inform me of such changes... Now I am so confused! Am I able to just log into blogspot without signing off gmail? Or do I have to sign out to only log into blogspot with my hotmail! Erg~~~~ This is frustrating!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodbye 김치 Land ='(

7/08-12/08 my final week in Seoul, in Korea all together... That was two weeks ago; still waking up every morning hoping that I'm still in Korea. Really felt like a dream =')

Not wasting time... I went to lots of places like

  1. Korean Folk Village 
  • Direction: Take the subway to Suwon station and go to Tourist Information Center (turn left and walk straight from the entrance of Suwon terminal); there you can take the free shuttle bus. 
  • Famous traditional K-drama was shot here, like Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince, Dae Jang Geum, and Dr. Jin to name a few... So this trip is really a 2 in 1; get to see the houses during Choson Dynasty and also doing some K-drama fever. 
  • Entrance fee is 15 000 won (RM 45) per adult excluding amusement park and other activities. 

*Entrance to Korean Folk Village. Displays of all popular K-drama posters that 
was filmed here. And there is lots of Japanese and Chinese 
tourists; I suspect they are here cause of 박유천 (Micky YooChun) >,0*

*As we (Yan Yee and me) walked in I saw this booth where 
visitors write their wishes and
tie the paper onto either the tree*

*Or this big stack of rocks beside the booth*

*This is mine >,<*

*Then we came to our 1st house*

*Saw this the moment we walked in; Sungkyungkwan Scandal
film site. I think its the part where 
the leading lady came to see the master (the fella that she owe money too; I think). 

*Then you have Korea's most popular female figure 
Dae Jang Geum on your right.
 They even prepared a stool for you to stand on! for pic taking of course*

*Then saw this lonely Cow... If you do happen to come here, 
talk to the cow! He/She is very lonely and it
will respond by wagging its tail. You'll make its day less boring =)*

*The we saw this mill;
 it's actually not that heavy, it just look so. There is one
somewhere in the house; it's moveable to
some extend... Try it!*

*I think this is the big field; towards the market and
eating area*

*This is a place for Filial son. Not quite sure
what is this place about; but this is 
what I was told*

*It's hard to get the arrow through the holes! Everywhere I go
I tried playing this and always 

*Oooo, you can really go in and try; can find this is the filming experience house.
It's actuallynot comfortable at all, really wonder how 
people back then are able to sit in this and 
travel? So difficult to get in and out!*

*Punishment Department!!! As you can see,
those equipments are used to torture prisoners until they admit guilt. 
I think it's best to come here during spring, autumn or winter; so
you can camwhore all the way! But definitely not summer; too hot and dry!*

*This is the Korean traditional food eating area. You can find
lots of restaurants here, catered for 
traditional eating experience and pricey of course*

*In the filming house, you can also pick any sort of Hanbok
and try it on. It's FOC for both male and female.
So go crazy!!! As other places you might have to pay to try and also take a pic*

*Traditional Korean Snack; it's a sweet like Chinese 
Ting-ting tong but softer and powdery due to the flour that he coated the 
sweet in*

*Also a popular MBC drama staring Lee Jung Gi; 
which I don't know what it is about =)*

*Doesn't this bridge look familiar? I spotted this bridge in
Dr. Jin; where Kyung Tak and Young Rae meet for the wedding guest list- wooden bridge*

*I think this bridge was shown in Dae Jang Geum*

*Swing!!! Instead of sitting on it; Korean children stand on it
and just swing!!! It's scary at 1st but
you'll enjoy it very much.*

*식당 (Dining area/room). Eating here
really makes you feel like your in the olden days!*

*식혜 (Sikhye)- a traditional Korean dessert/ drink and served 
after a meal; help accelerate digestion. It's sweet and it can be served 
hot or cold. I personally like it cold no matter during winter or summer! 
Much tastier!*

  • OH, by the way... allocate at least half to one day for visiting this place. It also offer a different experience during night time =) and I don't think its suitable for all; only some! *evil grin*
      2. Gyeongbukgung
  • Final visit to Gyeongbuk palace as I didn't get to visit the Royal Kitchen due to restoration. After half a year, still in the process of restoring =( but that's ok... I also found a camwhoring place with Hanbok and also royal costumes (i.e. official guard, king, princess, royal maids etc.). FOC and if your alone no worries, there will be helpers to help to take pics. 
     3.  Korea House and Namsan Hanok Folk Village
  • Entrance is FOC and here you can see famous Korean figures's house; replica of course. There are also lots of activities going like free medical service, making traditional Korean snacks. 
*Someone famous's house*

*People queuing for cultural experience-
making traditional snack*

*It looked like ddok (Rice cake) to me...*

*Free medical service... People here
all dressed in traditional clothes
and if you look closely you can see the doctor and nurse
sitting at the back of the conner.*

*The smell of 댕장 (Daeng Jang- Soy bean paste); its
all coming from the pots there*

*Very famous Namsan Tower*

*Beautiful pond as you walk in; prettier during night, I think,
with the spotlights like in Anapji*

*School field trip? Kids everywhere
though its a weekday*

     4. TimeOut Gelato 
  • Direction: Take subway orange line and get off at Apgujeong station. Come out from Exit 5, walk straight until you see the 1st small street on your right. Turn in and TimeOut is on your right! 
  • All Micky fans should know this place very well =) so go crazy here! 
  • My last fangirl activity in Korea... 

*That Choco taste so so delicious and 

*Micky's Hall of Fame*

*Micky's fans' Hall of Fame*

*The deco on the walls are filled with portraits of
Micky and his brother*
  • Lots of Japanese fans comes here... especially Ajjuma; ah.... so loved by the older generation! 
      5. Hello Kitty Cafe
  • I only recently found out that beside Hongdae (short form for Hongik University), there is another Hello Kitty Cafe near Hyehwa Station; take the exit opposite exit 1 for Sungkyungkwan University. As you come up, you will see a very lively street, turn into that street-walk for a while more and you'll be able to see the cafe on ur left 2nd floor. This one is smaller compared to the one in Hongdae. 

*고구마 라떼 (Sweet Potato Latte). Very sweet potato taste as in
you can taste the powder... like eating the real thing! Caffe Beane's is more subtle and smoother... but the 
taste is almost the same... if I have to pick, then it will be Caffe Beane =)* 

    6. Korea War Memorial Park
  • You'll get some basic info about the Japanese Invasion and the Korean War in 1950 (lasted about 3 years) and also experience it yourself. 
  • On the outside you will see lots of battle vehicles; ships, tanks, helicopters and etc. 

*The flags of the countries that help South Korea during 
the Korean War*

*Very famous turtle ship invented by Admiral Yi; went to say goodbye
to the Admiral in Gwanghwamun before leaving for
good. And also King Sejong...*

*This is a really skeleton of a soldier who died
during the Korean War. It has a story behind it. If you watched Taegukki
then the beginning tell you all bout it! I was really surprised to know that
it's actually true... the part where one brother was called for military service and the other brother volunteered so that he could look after the younger one. Highly recommend you guys to
watch; it's really meaningful.*

   7. Airport Subway Line and Incheon International Airport

*One last time taking subway*

*One last time taking the train*

*One last view of Hangang*

*Final moment in Korea b4 boarding*

*It's time ='(*

One year... one whole freaking year that I've stayed... I really didn't want to go, I love this place too much! 12/08- the weather was the same as the day I arrived; gloomy. Had a flashback of how the 3 of us still can't believe that we are finally in Korea after waiting for one month plus. But now, it's time to board and leave the place. The people that I've met, I've came to be room mates and friends with... It's just like yesterday that I've met them. Hahaha... the moment the plane took off, my tears wouldn't stop rolling down... Even after 2 weeks writing this... I still feel melancholic... Korea, being there is still very dreamy to me... A beautiful and wonderful dream... A dream that I wish I wouldn't have to wake up.